Wellcome Clinical PhD Programme in Global Health Research Programme – information on the programme and application process for 2017/2018. PLEASE NOTE APPLICATIONS FOR THIS ROUND ARE NOW CLOSED.



Wellcome Trust Fellowship applications for research projects which will be carried out primarily in low and middle income countries can be submitted through the Wellcome Trust Bloomsbury Centre for Global Health Research.

For detailed information on these fellowships and who can apply please see the Wellcome Trust links below:


Wellcome Trust UK Clinical Fellowship Funding Schemes

(Administered through one of the five UK Bloomsbury Centre institutions)

Clinical Research Career Development Fellowships

Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science


Wellcome Trust UK Non-Clinical Fellowship Funding Schemes

(Administered through one of the five UK Bloomsbury Centre institutions)

Sir Henry Dale Fellowships

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships


Wellcome Trust Clinical Funding Schemes in Public Health and Tropical Medicine for Researchers in Low and Middle Income Countries

(Administered through a sponsoring institution in the applicants country of research with a UK sponsor from one of the five UK Bloomsbury Centre institutions)

Training Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Intermediate Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine


We can help you to apply for Wellcome Trust clinical or non-clinical fellowships in global health, if you follow these steps:

Applications being submitted through the Wellcome Trust Bloomsbury Centre for Global Health Research should be presented to the Centre Policy Group prior to submission to the Wellcome Trust.

1. Check the Wellcome Trust website to see the types of fellowship available.

2. Check whether you are eligible for a fellowship, see link for individual fellowships above.

3. If you are eligible for a fellowship, think about what kind of research project you would like to do, and approach academic staff members who share your interests at one or more of our partner institutions in London or overseas, with a view to identifying a potential supervisor or sponsor. A list of potential supervisors and sponsors at our London-based institutions, with their areas of research interest shown on their profile links, can be seen below (policy group members list).

4. Once you have decided on a field of research, identified a supervisor/sponsor, and established your application time line please contact the Centre who will advise you on policy group deadlines and procedures: or 0044 (0)207 927 2116

5. All candidates applying for Wellcome Trust fellowships who apply through the Bloomsbury Centre will be expected to present their research proposal and CV to our Policy Group before the deadline for submission to the Trust. You will be expected to have a nearly completed proposal by the time you make your presentation. The policy group consists of academics covering a wide range of disciplines from our London-based institutions, who will provide feedback designed to strengthen your application.

6. Policy group meetings are held three times a year. You should check the Wellcome Trust deadline date for the particular fellowship you are applying for, as dates and preliminary application requirements vary. You should plan to present your proposal to our Policy Group at least 2 months before the submission deadline, to allow yourself time to make any changes suggested by the group.

Candidates are encouraged to liaise closely with their supervisor / sponsor and the Bloomsbury Centre Co-ordinator on the timing of their fellowship submission and will be asked to submit proposal documents by e-mail to the Centre office one week before the Policy Group meeting for circulation to the Policy Group members. Presentations to Policy Group will include a 10 minute presentation plus a 10 minute discussion

For Policy Group meeting dates please contact the Centre



Dr Melanie Abas – IOP Dr Stephen Lawn – LSHTM
Prof Ricardo Araya – LSHTM Dr Andy Leather – IOP
Dr Helen Ayles – LSHTM Prof Diana Lockwood – LSHTM
Prof Robin Bailey – LSHTM Prof Julian Ma – St George’s
Dr Tihana Bicanic – St George’s Prof David Mabey – LSHTM
Dr Christian Bottomley – LSHTM Prof Mala Maini – UCL
Dr Mike Brown – LSHTM Prof Philippe Mayaud – LSHTM
Dr Matthew Burton – LSHTM Prof Paul McCrone – IOP
Prof Philip Cooper – St George’s Prof Aine McKnight – Barts and The London
Prof Liz Corbett – LSHTM Prof David Moore – LSHTM
Prof Anthony Costello – ICH/UCL Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi – UCL
Dr Frances Cowan – UCL Dr David Osrin – ICH/UCL
Prof Michael Dewey – IOP Prof Vikram Patel – LSHTM
Prof Hazel Dockrell – LSHTM Prof Neil Pearce – LSHTM
Prof Francis Drobniewski – Barts and The London Dr Andrew Prendergast – Barts and The London
Prof John Edmunds – LSHTM Prof Andrew Prentice – LSHTM
Prof Alison Elliott – LSHTM Prof Martin Prince – IOP
Dr Rashida Ferrand – LSHTM Prof Eleanor Riley – LSHTM
Prof Suzanne Filteau – LSHTM Dr Tariq Sadiq – St George’s
Prof Paul Fine – LSHTM Prof Ian Sanderson – Barts and The London
Prof Judith Glynn – LSHTM Prof Anthony Scott – LSHTM
Prof Alison Grant – LSHTM Dr Sarah Staedke – LSHTM
Dr Charlotte Hanlon – IOP Dr Angie Wade – ICH/UCL
Prof Tom Harrison – St George’s Dr Debby Watson-Jones – LSHTM
Prof Richard Hayes – LSHTM Prof   Helen Weiss – LSHTM
Prof Paul Kelly – Barts and The London Prof Jimmy Whitworth – LSHTM
Prof Nigel Klein – ICH/UCL Prof Chris Whitty – LSHTM
Prof Sanjeev Krishna – St. George’s  Prof Brendan Wren – LSHTM

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