Programme Management Group

The Global Health Research in Africa DTP has a Programme Management Group that consists of academics from each of the Partner Institutions. The PMG will oversee the recruitment, training, and monitoring of the Doctoral Training Programme.

Programme Director: Rashida Ferrand

Programme Manager: Christina Albertsen

Programme Management Group members:

Martin Antonio – MRC Gambia

Helen Ayles – Zambart

Gail Davey – BSMS

Abebaw Fekadu – CDT-AAU

Rashida Ferrand – LSHTM

Charlotte Hanlon – KCL

Katharina Kranzer – BRTI / Zvitambo

Kirsty Le Doare – SGUL

David Mabey – LSHTM

Moffat Nyirenda – MRC Uganda

Andy Prendergast – QMUL

Martin Prince – KCL

Catherine Sackley – KCL

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