Policy Group

Policy Group meetings are held three times a year where potential applicants are invited to present their proposals prior to submission to the Wellcome Trust. The group consists of clinical and non-clinical scientists who review all fellowship applications submitted through the Centre.

Policy group members are also potential supervisors for Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowships, their areas of research interest are shown on their profile links below.



Dr Melanie Abas – IOP Prof Joy Lawn – LSHTM
Dr Helen Ayles – LSHTM Prof Diana Lockwood – LSHTM
Prof Ricardo Araya – KCL Prof Julian Ma – St George’s
Prof Robin Bailey – LSHTM Prof David Mabey – LSHTM
Dr Tihana Bicanic – St George’s Prof Mala Maini – UCL
Dr Christian Bottomley – LSHTM Prof Adrian Martineau – QMUL
Dr Mike Brown – LSHTM Prof Philippe Mayaud – LSHTM
Dr Matthew Burton – LSHTM Prof Paul McCrone – IOP
Prof Amaya Bustinduy– LSHTM Prof Aine McKnight– Barts and The London
Prof Francesco Checchi– LSHTM Prof David Moore – LSHTM
Prof Philip Cooper – St George’s Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi – UCL
Prof Liz Corbett – LSHTM Dr David Osrin – ICH/UCL
Prof Michael Dewey – IOP Prof Neil Pearce – LSHTM
Prof Hazel Dockrell – LSHTM Dr Andrew Prendergast – Barts and The London
Prof John Edmunds – LSHTM Prof Andrew Prentice – LSHTM
Prof Alison Elliott – LSHTM Prof Martin Prince – IOP
Dr Rashida Ferrand – LSHTM Dr Tariq Sadiq – St George’s
Prof Suzanne Filteau – LSHTM Prof Ian Sanderson – Barts and The London
Prof Judith Glynn – LSHTM Prof Anthony Scott – LSHT
Prof Alison Grant – LSHTM Dr Sarah Staedke – LSHTM
Dr Charlotte Hanlon – IOP Dr Cally Tann – LSHTM
Prof Tom Harrison – St George’s Dr Angie Wade – ICH/UC
Prof Richard Hayes – LSHTM Dr Deborah Watson-Jones – LSHTM
Prof Rob Heyderman – UCL Prof Helen Weiss – LSHTM
Prof Victoria Johnston – LSHTM Prof Jimmy Whitworth – LSHTM
Prof Paul Kelly – Barts and The London Prof Chris Whitty – LSHTM
Prof Nigel Klein – ICH/UCL Prof Brendan Wren – LSHTM
Prof Sanjeev Krishna – St. George’s Prof Shunmay Yeung – LSHTM
Mr Andy Leather – KCL

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